Ordering through elitegas.com

Help! Why can't I see prices or place orders?

Elitegas.com is not a retail marketplace. We restrict price information, product availability and order functionality to approved distributor accounts. If you have a physical or web-based store and would like to carry our product, please create an account and follow the steps to apply to become a distributor.

Is there a minimum/maximum order quantity?

Our minimum order is one case. This equates to six 580g large capacity cylinders or eight pressure regulators.

Is my information safe when I order through the Elite Gas's website?

Elitegas.com is certified according to the Level 1 PCI DSS standard. That means this store is equipped with data encryption tools, protection of Elite Gas payment transfers, prevention of viruses at the servers, risk analysis tools, and constant security monitoring. Elitegas.com is also fully equipped with a 256-bit SSL certificate.

What does all of that mean? It means that you can feel safe and secure placing orders on elitegas.com!

Will I be charged sales tax on my order?

Sales tax will not be collected on items purchased through elitegas.com for accounts that have completed the Reseller Certificate form.

Stores are in charge of collecting sales tax from their customers as usual.


Do you ship overseas?

Currently, we are not shipping internationally through elitegas.com. For large quantity orders, international order placement and shipping can be arranged directly with one of our sales associates either by phone at 1 (800) 901-0403 or through our Contact Us page.

How long will it take to get my order?

Elite Gas has product fulfillment warehouses strategically placed across the US and parts of Canada to get your orders to you as fast as possible. The final turnaround for receiving your product(s) will depend on your location.

What shipping carriers do you use?

Due to the hazardous nature of many of our products, we primarily use FedEx or UPS Ground for all orders placed with Elite Gas. For larger orders, we typically ship via LTL freight.


Are your nitrous oxide canisters compatible with my current dispenser?

Our large-capacity canisters are compatible with all standard sized whipped cream dispensers if used alongside our pressure regulator.

Can I return my product?

We always aim to make sure our customers love our products, but if you do need to return an order, we’re happy to help on a case by case basis. If you need to discuss returning a product, please reach out to one of our friendly customer support associates either by phone at 1 (800) 901-0403 or through our Contact Us page.

Can I get my product personalized?

It depends on the creator of the product and is offered on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to our friendly customer service representatives to inquire about product customization.

Can I get my store's name on some of your products? (White label options)

It depends on the creator of the product and is offered on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to our friendly customer service representatives to inquire about product customization.


What brands can be found on elitegas.com?

Currently, Elite Gas is the main distributor of NITROUSMAFIA™, Jumbo Whip™ and XL Whip™!

How do I contact Elite Gas about distributing MY culinary gas brand?

Have a product you think would fit perfectly with the Elite Gas family? Speak with us directly by phone at 1 (800) 901-0403 or through our Contact Us page.

Any questions?

If we still haven’t answered your question, you can contact us below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Need to talk to us directly?

You can reach our customer support associates Monday through Friday, 10am – 9pm PST at:
1 (800) 901-0403.

After hours or in writing?

Any email correspondence or after hours help can be found by reaching out through our Contact Us page.