Pressure Regulator for Nitrous Oxide Canisters (N2O)

SKU: REG20-01
Size: (8 Pack)
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With their easy-to-adjust knobs and easy-to-read dual gauges, our NITROUSMAFIA™ pressure regulators are a great addition to the NITROUSMAFIA™ whip cream system.  Compatible with all standard cream dispensers, this regulator allows you to attach our large capacity 580g, 1100g, and 2000g nitrous oxide canisters for situations that need continual usage.  Caterers, restaurateurs, and extreme enthusiasts will all love this system’s ability to charge hundreds of litres of whip cream without the need of changing canisters.

This package includes:

  • One stainless steel pressure regulator.
  • One connection hose.
  • One adapter.

Like all NITROUSMAFIA™ products, our regulator’s pillow-topped, velvet-lined packages make for exceptional gifts and create an phenomenal user experience unmatched by any other product on the market. We made sure the quality of the packaging matched the quality of the product and ended up creating a box that you will want to keep even after it is empty.

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