XL Whip™ – 580g Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Large Capacity Canisters 72-CASE Pallet

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Product Features:

  • Highest-quality nitrous oxide gas (N20) available
  • Large capacity means no more need for hundreds of 8g chargers
  • Completely disposable / recyclable steel canister
  • Can be used with our Elite Gas pressure regulator to fit all standard whipped cream dispensers
  • Comes with a pressure release nozzle to completely empty canisters before disposal


Our XLWhip™ 580-gram whip cream chargers are filled with food-grade nitrous oxide gas, your key to unlocking delicious culinary concoctions. We’ve gone to great lengths to guarantee top-notch products, lengthy chocolate mousse tasting sessions to be more precise. But in all seriousness, XLWhip will add flavor to your kitchen in big ways. Now you can make light and fluffy whipped cream on repeat with these recyclable chargers. These large-capacity canisters also contain the same high-quality nitrous oxide as our 1100g, and 2000g canisters. The cherry on top? Unlike other mass-produced canned alternatives, making homemade whip cream creates a fresher taste without added chemicals and preservatives. Keep homemade, pressurized whipped cream up your sleeve for the next dinner party, post-worthy picture, or creative culinary idea.

Did you really think that’s all you can do with XLWhip™? Here’s the deal – it’s not. Not even close. XLWhip™ 580-gram chargers can team up with our dispensers to make culinary foams, mousses, infused drinks, cocktails, and so much more! The possibilities are, well, you know what we’re trying to say (they’re endless). Turn your kitchen into a deluxe bakery or mixology bar today with XLWhip!

Every 580g canister comes with a pressure-release nozzle. Please note the importance of completely emptying every canister before disposing or recycling it. This will avoid dangerous issues in the disposal process. If you have lost the included pressure release nozzle, you can order a replacement in our Pressure Regulators section.

Safety Information



  • Inhalation of nitrous oxide outside of a clinical setting may have dangerous effects on your health.
  • It is a violation of state law to possess nitrous oxide, or any substance containing nitrous oxide, with intent to breathe, inhale, or ingest it for the purpose of intoxication.
  • It is a violation of state law to knowingly distribute or dispense nitrous oxide, or any substance containing nitrous oxide, to a person who intends to breathe, inhale, or ingest it for the purpose of intoxication.


Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood. Keep and store away from clothing and other combustible materials. Keep valves and fittings free from grease and oil. Avoid breathing gas. Do not get in eyes, on skin, or clothing. Use and store only outdoors or in well-ventilated spaces. Wear protective gloves, protective clothing, and either eye or face protection when handling gas. IN CASE OF FIRE: Stop leak if it is safe to do so. Store locked up. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with container supplier/owner instructions. Use a backflow prevention device in the piping. Close valve after each use and when empty. Use only with equipment rated for cylinder pressure. Do not open valve until the cylinder is connected to equipment prepared for use. Only use equipment constructed of compatible materials. Open valve slowly. Use only with equipment cleaned for oxygen service. Protect from sunlight when ambient temperature exceeds 52°C (125°F). Read and follow the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before use.

FIRST AID: IF INHALED: Remove affected person(s) to fresh air and keep the person(s) comfortable for proper breathing. Call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician if you feel unwell. IF ON SKIN: Thaw frosted parts with lukewarm water. Do not rub the affected area. Get immediate medical advice/attention.

Technical Specifications

580g Canisters

Tare: 49.38 oz / 1400 grams
Volume: 1 qt / 0.95L
Pressure test: PH 165 BAR
Net weight: 20.46 oz / 580 grams
Pressure: 30bar at 32°F / 0°C

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